All of our fish can be filleted, pin boned and butterflied to the customers preference by our experts in the shop. The dressing of Crabs and Lobsters and the opening of Oysters is an art in itself and we can present this seafood at its best. Lobsters can be supplied live, cooked and prepared.
We offer seafood platters for dinner parties, these include whole Salmon cooked and dressed on a platter and thinly sliced smoked Salmon platters.

Smoked Salmon can be cut to customers preferences in store.

We also do Sashimi trays with Sushi grade Tuna and Salmon.

Together with our fresh fish we also offer ready to cook fish cakes, fish kebabs for the barbeque and chop fish for special occasions.

Our customers often ask for recipes suggestions, we are always happy to oblige with advice and suggestions on cooking, preparation and presentation.

In store we have a selection of sauces including tartar sauce, hollandaise sauce, dill sauce, dill and mustard sauce, béarnaise sauce, parsley sauce, a sauce for moulesmarinieres, fish pie sauce and fish stock.
We also have a range of Italian pasta and oils and large free range eggs from Norfolk. Perard Lobster, Crab and fish soups available.